An ultra-minimal framework

There are many software and platform that give you digital subscribers for your Instagram account. Digital because these subscribers are just visible on your account in numbers but in reality these subscribers never like, share, or comment over your account. This is because these followers are from fake accounts or those people who have no interest in your niche related to Instagram. Therefore, instead of going to found such software programs or platforms you need to use certain strategies to get and increase real Instagram subscribers. Here are some ways by using which you can get more real Instagram followers:

Crossed Promotion of Your Hash-Tag:

Using proper and right hashtags according to the trend is a well-known strategy to grab real Instagram followers. By using this strategy you can attract those people who have actual and real interest in your products. However, the strategy I am introducing here is different and extremely effective. Instead of using other hashtags to trend your post or page, you should promote the hashtag of your brand on different famous accounts. Ask them to use your hashtag in their posts. You will see that within a few days, your brand and its hash-tag will come in the top trends of Instagram. People, by this, will be able to search you and found on Instagram and subscribe to your account and hence you will get real Instagram subscribers.

Take Part in the Popular Convos:

There are millions of pages and accounts on Instagram and thousands of them are public and belong to different brands that have the same niche as yours. Find such accounts and choose those with a huge range of subscribers and real commenters and likers. Now, you will see that on different posts people would have posted queries. Go there with your account and comment. Keep the conversations interesting and creative so that people will get enforced to look at your account and subscribe to it. This thing will bring you real Instagram followers quicker than you can think.

Make Your Account Creatively Rich:

Trust me it is extremely easy to touch someone’s aesthetics and this is what you will do to get real Instagram followers. Here, you have to go creative with your posts. If you are posting a picture with a description, make sure the description is mind grabbing and interesting. Also, you have to look at the quality of the pictures and how creatively they have been taken. These should portray the idea of your brand or niche. All with this, you also need to go creative with the hashtags you use in your posts. These hash-tags should be trendy and extremely mind grabbing. Make sure to use hashtags that are related to the idea of your niche. If you want to get more active followers on Instagram.
These three points are extremely easy to follow and you don't need to buy anything to use them as they are free to use for everybody. If you will use InstaGrowing on a continuous basis, you will surely be able to get real Instagram popularity.